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Disclaimer:  The following links are provided for your convenience and information only.  We do not endorse or warrant the accuracy or reliability of any information provided on these websites.  Please see our legal information page of this website.

IRS Websites:

    Forms and Publications  -  Search for forms or publications by name or number.      

    Where's my Refund - Find out the status of your tax refund.

    Farmers - Tax information concerning agriculture.

    Household Employers - Tax information for those who hire household employees.

    Tax Scams - Common tax scams or phony arguments the IRS has seen.

Texas State Comptroller

    Texas State Tax Information - List of all taxes administered by the State Comptroller.

    Franchise Tax Certification - Status of corporation doing business in Texas.

    City Sales & Use Tax Rates - Local codes and rates for cities in Texas.

    Hotel Tax Information - Forms and information concerning the Texas Hotel Tax.

    Texas Mileage Guide - The official guide for determining distances between cities in Texas.

    Unclaimed Property - Search online for property that may belong to you or a relative.

Texas Workforce Commission

    Unemployment & Labor Law - Information covering the Texas Payday Law, Child Labor Law, Texas Minimum Wage Act, Unemployment Compensation Laws and more. 

    Tax Information & Transactions - Tax rates, account status, online filing and additional information.

    Employers Requirement's - Information every Texas employer should know including the New Hire Reporting Requirements and Farm Labor Regulations.

Miscellaneous Useful Websites:

    Online Financial Calculator - A plethora of utilities to help calculate everything from mortgage payments to college savings to life insurance needs and more.

    Students Guide to Financial Aid - A starting point for questions concerning financial aid, including a link to the FAFSA online site.

    Texas Government Information - A listing of all state government agencies and online services.

    The White House - Federal Government Information - Federal government information.

    State Tax Forms for all 50 states - Links to all 50 states for downloading tax forms.

CPA Organization Websites: 

    The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

    The Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants





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